Don Juan 73/If Don Juan were a woman (1973)

Director: Roger Vadim

Costume designer:  Michèle Richer

Jane Birkin’s dresses and Brigitte Bardot’s cocktail dress: Loris Azzaro

Brigitte Bardot’s evening black dress: Givenchy

Jeanne's (Brigitte Bardot) houseboat. Tunic with plane-like pattern

Jeanne’s (Brigitte Bardot) houseboat. Tunic with little planes pattern

A closer look at the tunic

Pink kaftan with embroidered patch

The Givenchy dress, Bardot also wears a huge diamond-shaped bangle on the forearm

Chevron pattern, very Missoni

Black and dark blue kaftan (here with Maurice Ronet as Pierre), great wallpaper pattern!

U.S. t-shirt, sheepskin vest and big-belted jeans

Very odd sequined maxi-coat worn over the Givenchy black dress

Jane Birkin’s wedding dress by Azzaro

Jane Birkin’s purple cocktail dress by Azzaro (the rest is a long purple flowing gown, this is the halter part)

Bardot’s night dress (here with Robert Hossein as Louis)

Bardot and Birkin in one the Compagnie des Wagons-lits coaches

Studded denim shirt for Birkin, fitted dress for Bardot

Hippie tunic with big metallic choker and belt (worn with yellow cord trousers)

I’ve always found Bardot stunning whenever she wears mens’ suits


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