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It’s been two years now I last wrote about Fashion and Furniture in films on my previous blog (http://luxhedera.livejournal.com/tag/fashion%20in%20films). I was living in Glasgow (UK) at the time and I got very obsessed with clothes and design. I fuelled my passion in various ways. One was to trail Glasgow through and through for hours in search for unusual items. From high-street shops to the darkest and oddest boutiques (oh the Watt Brothers!), I left no stone unturned.

The other was my DVD player that then became my ultimate weapon for inspiration. In November 2008, I started to integrate posts about fashion in movies after noticing I kept pausing/rewinding DVDs to get a better sight of a particular piece of clothing or furniture or even complete stage sets. I’m glad I did! I discovered incredible treasures…

My aim is really to pay tribute to all the genius costume designers of the film industry. For what I know of, it’s a difficult job that requires a myriad of skills. I often feel that they don’t get the praise they deserve squeezed between the catering team and the sound engineers while the end credits are rolling in tiny letters.

Edith Head, the Queen of CDs

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