Blow Up (1966)

Director: Michelangelo Antonioni

Costumer designer: Jocelyn Rickards (dresses)

Verushka as herself in black beaded dress

Same as previous

Black tunic covered with buttons

White dress with two vertical black stripes fully opened on the sides

Glitter top, black tights and fishscale hat for Peggy Moffit

Ann Norman in what could likely be Courrèges

David Emmings (as Thomas) giving Melanie Hampshire in pink halter dress a hard time.

White and blue futuristic outfit for Ann Norman and peacock combo for Peggy Moffit

Vanessa Redgrave (as Jane) barechest with dark blue pencil skirt, skinny scarf  with silver ring and a man’s watch. She reminds me of Greta Garbo a lot in this picture.

The dark blue skirt with black belt

Colourful low heel pumps with coloured opaque tights

Sarah Miles as Patricia in red crochet dress

“Birds” in all shades of pink and purple

Shop windows with typical 60’s shift dresses

Edit: A possible tribute to Sarah Mile’s crochet red dress from the Barbara Hulanicki Winter 112/13 collection for Asda



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