Slogan (1969)

Director: Pierre Grimblat

Costume designer: No credits although Cacharel supplied the outfits

It was quite difficult to get good pictures of the outfits. The actors were mainly shot close up or from absolute miles away therefore sorry for the poor quality.

Uncredited model, probably from Catherine Harlé’s agency

Jane Birkin (as Evelyne) in fur coat

Uncredited model

The Darling mini-dress (as mini as can be). The Cacharel style is more recognizable here.

Uncredited model from the Catherine d'Harlé model agency

Uncredited model from the Catherine d’Harlé model agency

Jane Birkin in embroidered black tunic or kaftan

Andréa Parisy (as Françoise) in white pearl/beaded dress with matching earrings

Futuristic silver shift dress

Khaki jersey mini-dress and yellow printed scarf. This record player is amazing!

Heavy twiggy-like make-up, uncredited model

Straw hat with flowers

Aaah bug shades!

Birkin here with Serge Gainsbourg (as Serge). Orange, purple, blue and green tartan-style wool coat


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