Last Tango in Paris/Le Dernier Tango à Paris (1972)

Director:  Bernardo Bertolucci

Costume designer: Gitt Magrini


Maria Schneider as Jeanne & Marlon Brando as Paul/ White coat with Mongolian sheep fur cuffs and collar (with yellow lining that can be briefly seen in another scene) with big round closing button on the side, floppy hat and fabric flowers


Yellow mini-dress with embroidered patch on the front worn with a big leather belt at the waist


Same as above


Detail of the embroidered patch


And one more because I really can’t get enough of that mini-dress


Rust wool scarf worn over wide sleeve coat (with an orange lining) with embroidered pattern at the elbows and front,  classic 70’s faded denim jeans (with fancy ribbons sewn along the edge of the front patch pockets) and what I definitely think are Campus Frye boots


A glimpse at the shirt Jeanne wears, sort of cowboy style with embroidered red roses on the upper fronts


This one has probably gone round the world as it’s taken just before the infamous ‘butter scene’.  Dusty pink see-through knit jumper, faded denims and Frye boots


Wearing her late father’s uniform


Satin wedding dress with split sleeves and back sleeve pieces tied in the back. I first thought the tiny clothes shop the scene is shot in was at the Clignancourt flea market until the camera moved out in the street showing the roofs of the old ‘Halles’ of  Paris. These ‘Halles’ can also be seen in Vadim’s movie ‘If Don Juan were a woman’.


Ladies from the shop. On the left, one of my favourite French actresses, Marie-Hélène Breillat. On the right, her sister, now film director Catherine Breillat.


Another view of the wedding dress


Paul’s wife on her rather romantic death bead, wearing what could also be a wedding dress in satin damask


Jeanne wearing a dusty/adobe pink shirt with wide lapel collar and tweedish jacket


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