Bus Stop (1956)

Director: Joshua Logan

Costume designer: William Travilla

NB: This is a repost from my previous blog (24th January 2010)

I didn’t particularly like this film but I’ve got a soft spot for the (very) few little numbers Marilyn wears. Many of her film outfits were created by costume designer William Travilla including this one. It reminds me a lot of Milton Greene’s pictures who in my opinion took the most beautiful shots of Marylin.

Not so long after I posted this entry, I had the surprise and pleasure to find out that the curator of the Travilla’s collection, Andrew Hansford, had left a comment on my post :

“What a lovely tribute to Travilla and Marilyn. My name is Andrew and I am the currator of the Travilla Tour.
It is lovely when I come cross such nice things from fans. Oh and I have the gold coat, never shown it before but watch this space.


Today I was digging again for some material regarding Marilyn Monroe when I found out that Andrew has actually had a book published in October 2011 called ‘Dressing Marilyn: How a Hollywood icon was styled by William Travilla’. I can’t believe I missed that as I’ve been a huge fan of Travilla since!

travilla pink gown

A few sketches can be seen at:


No need to say that I highly recommend a visit on Andrew’s website:

http://williamtravilla.com (previously known as ‘travillatour.com’)

mm bus stop1

Marylin as “Chérie” (Darling in French) Floral negligee

mm bus stop2

Floral negligee II

mm bus stop3

The ‘fish scales’ outfit with dark-green/black gloves with sequins

mm bus stop3uvr

Sequined gloves and a radiant smile

mm bus stop4Lace peasant/gipsy top, pencil black satin skirt with a row of buttons up on the left side, big black leather belt.

Milton Greene was a visual/technical consultant for the film. The outfits can be seen in great detail on the pictures he took on location:

milton marylin bus stopmm bus stop 20

mm bus stop4ter

Detail of the sleeve

mm bus stop5

The engagement ring

mm bus stop7

Golden lamé coat with mink trimmings and matching hat

mm bus stop8

Stuck at the Bus stop by the snow

mm bus stop9

A closer look at the golden coat


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