Christiane F. Wir Kinder vom Bahnhof Zoo (1981)

Director: Uli Edel

Costume designer: Myrella Bordt

Notice: I was a bit reluctant to post an entry about this film. I first read this book when I was  15 years old and I remember the mixed feelings I got about it. Mostly fascination and disgust.  I disliked the book for the author keeps inadvertently or not suggesting that being a junkie is the coolest thing in the world.

As for the film, I’ll never understand why the director chose such sexy fresh faces for the main characters while all the other counterparts are the most repulsive people ever.  I’ve read comments from young girls saying that they desperately wanted to be ‘like Christiane’ (always the ones also desperate to look like models, actresses, singers, god knows else what) and gay men waxing lyrical about Detlev. They are ACTORS, this is NOT real. Once you’ve seen the documentary called ‘Swansea Love Story’ you’ll definitely be put off of any hard drug for a lifetime and beyond. You’ll feel sorry for thinking even for a split second that being a junkie was cool and that drugs will turn you into a Natja Brunckhorst and a Thomas Haustein.

christiane f1

Swapping sneakers (something either Adidas Stan Smith or similar. There were a big 70’s/80’s staple in schools) for high heels worn with stripey socks

christiane f5

Natja Brunckhorst as Christiane. Long straight hair spilling over a simple white shirt and a men’s vest. I was looking very much the same at the same age though I had never seen the film. The vest was borrowed from one of my dad’s suits.

christiane f7

White shirt, black men’s vest with blue lining (visible when she’s inside the Sound club), silver/green light satin bombers jacket with black piping on the sleeves

christiane f9

The Bowie jacket, a variation of the Varsity jacket in dark red and white, red long-sleeved T-shirt

christiane f11

Stimorol, so 70’s

christiane f13

A closer look at the black piping on the sleeves

christiane f13bis

Coincidentally, also my teenage crush when I was 14.  Rendition of the Aladdin Sane album cover in black & white

christiane f15

Christiane wears two pairs of jeans in the movie. Here are the Lees with the flat felled seam inside (like all the jeans today). In the birthday cake scene, she wears another brand that has its FFS on the outside, something quite common in the late 70’s early 80’s. I clearly remember this because at the time, shops only had wide leg trousers  while all I wanted were skinnies (God, I was 12!). I would take them at the inside seam and it was only possible because the FFS (too thick) was on the outside.

christiane f16

Christiane Lechle as Christiane’s mother in brown knit batwing jumper

christiane f18

Dark blue shirt with splattered colours (red/yellow) with a very odd shaped collar

christiane f19

The second pair of jeans, note the flat felled seam on the outside, worn with socks and high heels

christiane f21

Everything screams mid 70’s here: The radio alarm clock, the tek beside table, the grey 60’s wallpaper, the stripey brown and yellow T-shirt and henna tinted hair in bright red

christiane f22

The second pair of jeans, note the red sequined tab up the front pocket (that can be briefly seen in the bathroom scene), t-shirt as previous scene worn with denim cropped jacket

christiane f23

The complete junkie outfit with tan low boots and very skinny legs

christiane f25

Cherry red (Paisley?) shirt worn under a black jacket with white stripes on the sleeves. One step closer to hell…

christiane f27

The pink/pale purple skinny scarf, another massive 70’s staple, usually smelled of tobacco, incense and patchouli, Thomas Haustein as Detlev, wearing a black satin bombers jacket and a tie scarf

christiane f28

The chevron/leopard pink and black top worn with a worn-out leather coat. And more pimples, haggard eyes and greasy dirty hair

christiane f30

Christiane wears Detlev’s scarf, one of the last images from the movie. So much despair, so much sadness


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