A Coeur Joie/Two Weeks in September (1967)

Director: Serge Bourguignon

Costume designer: Arlette Nastat Réal (usually referred as “REAL”)

Wedding dress by Pierre Cardin

Coloured wigs by Jacques Dessange

Jewels by Rose Woloch (notoriously was a provider to maison Chanel). The brand still exists, it’s just magnificent! http://www.woloch.fr


– Brigitte is married to Gunter Sachs

– Barbara Hulanicki in “From A to Biba” mentions her visit with Sachs at the Biba shop at this time

– Some footage made during the London shooting is also available in a documentary called “Faces of Paris” by Eddy Matalon


Colour block mini dress for Patricia (Georgina Ward)


Georgina Ward (as Patricia) and [either Carole Lebel or Annie Nicholas or uncredited…] aboard an Air France Caravelle flight to London


Brigitte as Cécile and Georgina Ward. Georgina Ward wears a candy-coloured striped trench coat in green, pink and orange


Closer view at the trench coat


Blue wig and matching Woloch earrings


PJs in grey cotton jersey with nautical detail on the collar and matching cropped leggings


Pink wig and matching Woloch earrings for Cécile-Brigitte, mint green halter vest (coincidently I have one like this in black that I bought in the early 90’s in Dublin)


Woloch armcuff on the left, sequined dress (worn by Brigitte Bardot in the Museum scene)


Printed sheer muslin dress for Cécile and light brown muslin dress with petals on the collar and cuffs for Patricia


Closer view at the dresses and the girls. I’m always intrigued at how high the bust line was in the 60’s. Clothes seem to hang so much better on strictly corseted breasts but that’s my opinion! Definitely embodies what the 60’s Biba girls must have looked.


Playing knights and posing in front of Paolo Ucello’s masterpiece ‘The battle of San Romano’


Medieval style silver sequined helmet hat with bobble earrings


Black gingham and white vinyl mini-dress, white vinyl apron dress (with a vertical row of buttons on the left side) over red and white striped top (note the button strap detail at the cuff),  silver sequined dress and helmet, long black gown with long vest trimmed with swan feathers, statement necklace attached to the dress and matching earrings


A closer look at the back of the black gown


Velvet mini-skirt, yellow wool jumper, tan high boots and tartan scarf



Here with Laurent Terzieff as Vincent. Marron glacé jersey mini-dress


White 60’s phone (note the cord wire)


Brigitte wears the medieval style vest Georgina Ward wears in the Museum scene. She seems naked under thanks to a flesh coloured leotard


The perfect 1960’s London


Geek spectacles for Vincent, orange blossom crown for Cécile (part of the Cardin wedding dress)


The Cardin wedding dress contrasting with the Scottish highlandsacj35

A closer look at the wedding dress (possibly organza with rows of feathers)


James Robert Justice as McClintock. Leather and cord satchel, must, must have it!


Cécile leather tote bag, must, must have this one too!


Same little wool jumper as in the Museum scene, in blue-grey, focus on Brigitte’s perfect smokey eyes


Inside the hotel, the lift’s iron door and a pretty cool stained glass panel in the background


The marron glacé jersey mini dress (on the hanger), the blue-grey wool jumper, leather belt and velvet brown wide leg trousers


Light brown cotton trench worn over a yellow/green (?) wool jumper (same design as previous)


Same as above with the matching mini-skirt


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