Charlie’s Angels: The Blue Angels (1977)

Director: Georg Stanford Brown

Costume designers: Ray Phelps, Orpha Barry, Lee Peters

Wardrobe courtesy of Givenchy Sport


Red, white, light green tartan shirt and white suit jacket.  Cool mug!


I’m not sure which outfits exactly are from Givenchy, but Kelly’s jacket is likely one of them. I can’t tell whether it’s leather or some synthetic material like the ones used for ski outwear.


Vidonne as June, one of the masseuses. Black trousers worn tucked in high boots, red tube top worn under a Poiret style indoor coat and neck band. Who on earth is Vidonne? I long to know!


Marilyn Joi as Brenda, June’s friend


Red jersey dress for Jill. It looks like the top of the dress has been cut out to make straps that are then twisted and tied above the shoulders and across the back. No need to mention that Farrah Fawcett is a stunner in this dress that reveals every perfect inch square of her body (braless on top of that)


White silk shirt and high-waisted green wide leg trousers (note that all Angels wear wedges in this episode)


The blue mohair jumper apparently has the same effect on men as the red jersey dress, go figure…


Kelly’s vinyl (or patent leather) bag in black, brown, cream and red


Sabrina in light grey polo neck wool jumper and red sleeveless jumpsuit (guaranteed Givenchy)


Jill as the masseuse-en-chef


White crisp shirt, red wool jumper and denims


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