Charlie’s Angels : The Vegas Connection (1977)

Director: George Mc Cowan

Costume designers: Ray Phelps, Orpha Barry, Lee Peters

Wardrobe courtesy of Givenchy Sport

charliesangelsvegas1Pussy bow blouse and dark salmon pink jacket (viva el polyester!)

charliesangelsvegas2Brown tie with blue Pierre Cardin logo

charliesangelsvegas3A synthesis of the 70’s all in one shirt… That’s also when furniture fabric migrated to fashion

ca vegasThat’s a rather unsual association here: The exquisite intricate head scarf paired with a blue and brown lumberjack shirt and small chunky hoop earrings.

ca vegas4It’s a rather hideous top if you ask me, pink poly with blue clouds and cut out holes at the top arms but hey that’s Kelly therefore anything goes!

ca vegas5And this is actually a jumpsusit

ca vegas7Somehow this orgy of patterns and textures works pretty well here. Orchid blouse with leopard style trimming worn with a multi-print wrap or shawl and braided clutch with a gold strap fastening.

ca vegas9A closer look at the clutch

ca vegas10A closer look at the shawl

ca vegas12A bronze mock croc clutch for Kelly


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