Frida (2002) part I

Director: Julie Taymor

Costume designer: Julie Weiss

First published on my previous blog on 5th February 2010

I had about 60 pictures of outfits and it was so hard to make a choice. I can only be thankful to director of photography Rodrigo Prieto and costumer designer Julie Weiss for their incredible artful job on Julie Taymor’s biography of Frida Kahlo. I have an immense interest in her life and work and this movie has been a great source of inspiration, sartorially speaking. Bold colours, high contrasts, the recurrent presence of flowers/vegetation, weirdness, this is what comes out when Mexico meets the 30’s through the eyes of life-long suffering Kahlo.

This is where it all started. Frida (Salma Hayek) bedridden in a full body cast gets into painting.

Transgressing the dress-code during a family portrait session

Tina’s (Ashley Judd) bareback dress, Frida’s red dress: All set for a memorable steamy dance performance

Wedding day. One of Frida’s famous trademarks: The chunky beads necklace

Frida’s unusual wedding dress after ditching the traditional lacey dress/orange flower blossom tiara outfit at the last minute. The green/red association (opposite constrasting colours) probably reflected her personality more accurately.

Pretty braid

Lupe’s outfit at Frida’s wedding. I just love the whole mix of colours and textures!

Tina’s black dress at Frida’s wedding. The cross stitches detail carries on along the back.

The wedding ladies: Pearls, lace, dropped waist, silky apricot 20’s gown, dark green and black pattern


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