The Bear and the Doll (1970)

Director: Michel Deville
Costume designer: Gitt Magrini
Furniture: Knoll International (oh that 60’s feeling!)

First published in my previous blog on 17th August 2010

Shot in 1969, this movie captures the essence of the transition from the 60’s to the 70’s. I can’t see much class difference between the two main protagonists Felicia (Brigitte Bardot) and Gaspard (sublissime Jean-Pierre Cassel -who once dated Françoise Dorléac-) despite they respectively own a Rolls Royce and a 2CV. However they do waltz in very very different worlds. Gaspard is the king of Geeks (think pumpkin lambswool jumper and big square spectacles) living in the furthest corner of Paris suburbs while mischievous Felicia struts about in sexy outfits and lavish-minimalist flat somewhere probably near Paris tube station Boulainvilliers.

The plot is not one of the brightest but there’s a certain delight to watch Bardot at the peek of her beauty (Timeline: She was 35), 60’s cars/Paris and an hilarious game of cats and mice chase.

217035_900Funny how the phone and shades shapes are mirroring. I’m totally drooling over that look

217552_900Two shots of the pink leather hat with matching coat (and thigh boots)

217637_900Parties, shopping and beauty parlours, the 3 pillars of Felicia’s life


The Dior boutique (if I’m not mistaken, the one avenue Montaigne)

217966_900The spectacles version of the square shades (in pastel pink)

218141_900Black cape and gold chain fastening, black floppy hat, very Gunther Sachs period


ours 1Geeky Gaspard and Diored up Felicia (evening dress by Dior, created by Marc Bohan)

218544_900Morning coffee in a typical French bowl and famous Bardot sauerkraut hairdo

218898_900Who said ‘no tartan mini-skirts after 35’ again?

219366_900The Gavroche hat

219431_900Granny pants looking good. The credit likely goes to her amazing body!

219732_900The Dior dress accessorized with randomly hand-picked real-life daisies


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