Manon 70 (1968) Part II

Manon is what we call in France a ‘courtisane’ a beautiful woman with ‘low morals’ who gravitates around wealthy and influencial men. When she truly falls in love with a young journalist (I suppose that’s Jean Aurel’s idea of a ‘poor’ man), things start to get rather complicated. You necessarily miss some interest and possible complex psychological situations when the story of Manon Lescaut is transposed to the 20th Century especially in the late 60’s.

I can completely understand our 18th century Manon’s insatiable hunger for luxury (this or the muddy streets, which one would you pick?). Whereas a beyond beautiful woman like Manon in the 60’s could have a job, her independence (see Georges Lautner’s Galia released in 1966), money, lovers. Manon’s brother comes across as her pimp as he’s the one who scours fashionable places to recruit potential sugar daddies. I found the character quite unpleasant because he lives off Manon who doesn’t seem too bothered about it.

But let’s carry on…


More of the Ungaro’s stripey coats at the Ungaro show where Manon’s brother drags her to meet up a new sugar daddy.


Yellow and black coat with the typical Ungaro’s fastening style. The fashion show is totally weird, the outfits announced with numbers pronounced twice with bird chirping sounds in the background and the models randomly jumping in odd manners.


Manon lounging at one of her sugar daddies’ in a long blue dress.


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