Manon 70 (1968) Part IV

Manon has met another sugar daddy who knows nothing about the existence of her boyfriend and sends her to La Côte d’Azur for a vacation. But hey Manon takes her boyfriend with her and lazies around on a speedboat.

manon jumper

Reminds me of that trend called ‘Boyfriend’, Manon has borrowed one of those big thick wooly navy jumpers that shows off her perfect legs. Somehow very ‘Brigitte Bardot’ too.

sd office2

In the meantime, suspicion has arisen for the sugar daddy who tries to figure out what Manon is up to. Ultra modern personal office especially this uncanny metal wall decoration and futuristic phone handsets.


Sugar daddy trapped the guilty lovers. Goodbye Ungaro! Here we go again with the ‘boyfriend’ flavour, mens’ jeans, mens’ t-shirt, barefeet with a sailor hat on the head. Still she looks absolutely fabulous!


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