Furniture in films: The Quadrifoglio/4 leaf clover (1974) and Pipistrello/bat (1965) lamps (Gae Aulenti)

Designer: Gae Aulenti (for Harvey Guzzini)

gae aulenti

I can’t think of an object that captures the spirit of the 70’s better than the Quadrifoglio lamp. Recently, I kept catching sight of it in various places. I may have seen it when I was a child while visiting relatives in Italy but one thing is certain, the design is very familiar to me. Somehow it reminds me of the works of German illustrator Anne Hofer and famous French childhood program “L’île aux enfants”:

casimir anne hofer

See that booth?

lampe quadrifoglio IEF

From the documentary about French pop band “Il était une fois” (1975)


Mimsy Farmer (as Candice Strasberg) in Michel Wyn’s “The Suspects” (1974)

lampe quadrifoglio maigret monsieur charles 1977

Jean-François Devaux (as Janvier) in “Le Commissaire Maigret et Monsieur Charles” (1977)

pipistrello LAMP

The Pipistrello lamp (on the top right). Gaspard Uliel (as Yves Saint Laurent) and Louis Garrel (as Jacques de Bascher) in Bertrand Bonello’s “Saint Laurent” (2014)

More views of the Quadrifoglio lamp:

Gae Aulenti Quadrifoglio


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