Furniture in Films: The New Avengers (sleeper) 1978

Director: Graeme Clifford Set designer: Simon Wakefield First published on my previous blog on 17th August 2010 I’ve meant to do this for a long time because I love movie sets as much as props, wigs and falballas 🙂 Despite I’m more an Avengers aficionada (Think Emma Peel here, how fascinating she is in ‘A touch […]

A Coeur Joie/Two Weeks in September (1967)

Director: Serge Bourguignon Costume designer: Arlette Nastat Réal (usually referred as “REAL”) Wedding dress by Pierre Cardin Coloured wigs by Jacques Dessange Jewels by Rose Woloch (notoriously was a provider to maison Chanel). The brand still exists, it’s just magnificent! Timeline:   – Brigitte is married to Gunter Sachs – Barbara Hulanicki in “From […]