Belphegor ou le Fantôme du Louvre (1965)

Director: Claude Barma Costume designers: Christiane Coste, Françoise Tournafond Closing credits music: Antoine Duhamel (sampled in 2001 by Wu Tan Clan for ‘Gravel Pit’) First published on my previous blog on 21st February 2010 Belphegor ou le fantôme du Louvre (Belphegor or the ghost of the Louvre) was developed for French TV in the mid-60’s mixing what French […]

The Bear and the Doll (1970)

Director: Michel Deville Costume designer: Gitt Magrini Furniture: Knoll International (oh that 60’s feeling!) First published in my previous blog on 17th August 2010 Shot in 1969, this movie captures the essence of the transition from the 60’s to the 70’s. I can’t see much class difference between the two main protagonists Felicia (Brigitte Bardot) and […]