Charlie’s Angels : The Vegas Connection (1977)

Director: George Mc Cowan Costume designers: Ray Phelps, Orpha Barry, Lee Peters Wardrobe courtesy of Givenchy Sport Pussy bow blouse and dark salmon pink jacket (viva el polyester!) Brown tie with blue Pierre Cardin logo A synthesis of the 70’s all in one shirt… That’s also when furniture fabric migrated to fashion That’s a rather […]

A Coeur Joie/Two Weeks in September (1967)

Director: Serge Bourguignon Costume designer: Arlette Nastat Réal (usually referred as “REAL”) Wedding dress by Pierre Cardin Coloured wigs by Jacques Dessange Jewels by Rose Woloch (notoriously was a provider to maison Chanel). The brand still exists, it’s just magnificent! Timeline:   – Brigitte is married to Gunter Sachs – Barbara Hulanicki in “From […]