Manon 70 (1968) Part IV

Manon has met another sugar daddy who knows nothing about the existence of her boyfriend and sends her to La Côte d’Azur for a vacation. But hey Manon takes her boyfriend with her and lazies around on a speedboat. Reminds me of that trend called ‘Boyfriend’, Manon has borrowed one of those big thick wooly […]

Manon 70 (1968) Part I

Director: Jean Aurel Costume designer: Gitt Magrini Soundtrack: Serge Gainsbourg First published on my previous blog on 20th November 2008 Manon 70 is visually stunning. All the scenes shot in Paris and La Côte d’Azur bring back my childhood memories at full blast. The story is loosely based on French classical novel ‘Manon Lescaut‘ and […]